Smudging Rituals Gift Box

Smudging Rituals Gift Box

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A Collection of our best selling 3 smudging rituals incense:

- White Sage, 2 sticks

- Palo santo, 6 sticks 

- Lavender & Frankincense, 30grams 


• Use it to cleanse the energy from people, animals, items or places

• A great insect repellent, light it & generate smoke that will repel insects from entering ur house or at the garden during picnics 


• Herbal 

How to use: 

• Light one end of the stick for 10/15 seconds, then cleanse the item that needs cleansing with a smoke bath, make sure a single window or a door is open, as it’s believed that the smoke carries the negative energy outside, relight if needed 

• A little smoke goes a long way, no need to generate a lot of smoke as it’s harmful for the health