Shea Butter Whipped With Neem Oil, Unscented (acne, fungal infection, insect bites, skin rash)

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Not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women. 

Unrefined neem oil, cold pressed, %100 natural, does not contain additives or preservatives. Safe to use for the face, body & hair. 

Skin Types

• Suitable for all skin types, for the face, body and the hair


• Unscented 

• Unrefined, it carries strongly the natural neem oil odor. 


• 90 grams 


• A Multi purpose natural deep moisturizer that is safe to be used on the face, body & hair. Mainly used to strengthen the skin & increase it’s elasticity, & to nourish the hair. 

• Neem oil has antiseptic qualities, use fee drops on ur scull to treat & reduce dandruff, itchy scalp & general scalp irritations

• A great insect repellent, place few drops about the windows and doors, it will prevent insects from entering ur home

• Mix 50/50 neem oil with water, shake it well and spray it around ur plants, it will prevent insects from eating ur plants


• %50 neem oil, %50 sweet almond oil (the recipe recommended to use for the hair and the skin)

If you need %100 pure neem oil to use for the household and the garden, please contact us on Whats App +971 55 905 6636