Sesame Oil (All Purpose Oil) زيت السمسم

Sesame Oil (All Purpose Oil) زيت السمسم

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Premium grade sesame oil. Cold pressed, %100 natural, does not contain additives or preservatives. To be used for the hair & the skin. 


• Suitable for all hair types. 

• A great oil to be used on the hair & scalp, to stimulate hair growth, prevent hair loss, restore hair loss and thickens the hair.

• Great to be used as a hair moisturizer, it moisturizer the hair deeply, leaving the hair shiny & healthy, & increases hair elasticity 

• Prevents dandruff, itchy scalp. 


• Our sesame oil is refined & does not smell of sesame oil at all. 


• 90ml

• 220ml 

How to use: 

• Apply on you scalp & hair for an hour before shampooing your hair, the more & consistent you use it, the faster you will see results. Results vary depending on the person’s hair condition. 

• You can use few drops on the hair & hair ends after shampooing your hair as a styling product, to prevent frizziness & split ends 

• Can be used on the skin (face & body) as a deep moisturizer.