Al Talbeenah Soap, With Rose & Cardamom (extra sensitive skin, dry, eczema, baby)

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One of our gentlest soap, it cleanses the skin without stripping it from it’s natural moisture. %100 natural, does not contain additives or preservatives. Safe to use for the face & body. 

Skin Type & Uses: 

• For the face & body

• Extra gentle & suitable for very sensitive skin, like baby skin & mature skin. 

• A great option for skin that’s easily irritated like ones that suffers from eczema & psoriasis, or ones with inflammation from burns 


• Lightly fragranced with rose & cardamom.  

• Our fragrances are formulated for sensitive skin & we use them scarcely.  


• 110 grams 

How To Use: 

• Gently lather and message ur skin for not more than 1 minute  

• Always keep ur soap on a dry soap dish 


• Star ingredients specific to this soap: fresh goat milk, oatmeal, honey

• Ingredients: extra virgin olive oil, shea butter, fresh coconut milk, castor oil, coconut oil, himalayan sea salt, natural clays, fragrance